Online High Schools And Their Growing Popularity

My son has always been a bit of a challenge, but not in the ways a casual observer might initially think. A truly sensitive, sweet and engaging boy, his struggles adapting to school go all the way back to the first few weeks of kindergarten.

Though he never exhibited any behavioral problems or had difficulty making friends, he had a certain unexplained resistance to the daily routines of elementary school right from the start. Always watching the clock, he was focused on counting the hours until he was free from the regimented system everyone else seemed to find perfectly normal. He found a blog about home builders and thought he wanted to get into that, and then I reminded him that he needed to complete high school and do well in it if he wanted to pursue architecture or construction.

Grades were never an issue, as he always got high marks in every subject. As the years went on, I wondered what could be done to help him truly enjoy the learning experience and prepare for the challenges of college.

That is when I began hearing more and more about the rise in popularity of online high schools. We decided to give this option a try, and I could not be happier about our choice. With the freedom to engage in his studies on his own terms outside of a brick and mortar classroom, my son has thrived in a way I could never have imagined.